Saturday, June 14, 2008

Neocon 08

Yes! Something to fill this space with!!
This was my first trip to Neocon and my first time in Chicago in at least 3 years. Despite the gorgeous weather outside, spending most of the day inside looking at fabric, plastic, chrome and casters proved to be infinitely more rewarding. I haven't been so inspired in months, not since NAIAS, and trust me, this kicked the shiny sheet-metal shit out of NAIAS.
It was amazing to be amongst so many people who live and breathe this stuff, they seem so, um, cool.

My favorite theme of the day was without a doubt interaction (felt came in a close second). I wish I could've photographed every table or installation that solicited feedback.
Check this table from Steelcase; thats just a stack of paper. Coming from a commercial contract furniture maker, this seems more like a living room piece. ??
Nevertheless, its damn fun.

Guts also seem to be in vogue . Steelcase had some incredible stuff. They made every bit of this chair engaging. You can see right through the backrest, and every layer of foamhas its own pattern. Harmony.
What happened to those ugly, opaque pads with lame patter prints? Love this, what a big step.

This guy is great. Love the seatbottom-seatback-armrest integration. And you can see through the backrest, hot!!

We came across this gorgeous living room set somewhere obscure and both immediately fell for it. Karl noted the "lake michigan sand dune" quality of the fabric bulges. I dig the wood lampshade and slick table which includes a nice little outlet for your matching white computer. Turns out the whole thing is done by Yves Behar, no wonder we liked it so much.
wait a second. that little table smells familiar. JAWBONE!

Anyways, I have to say something about Herman Miller, since I have a huge crush on it. (him?)

I love how good they manage their DNA, compare this new desk with an old Nelson classic:

And they're still paying homage to Eames stuff, those feet are undeniable.

alright real quick:

worst in show:



gorgeous Chicago:

That's all.

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