Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last week I visited my cousin in northern California. She works for Americorps as a conservationist, which means she spends most days in a river counting fish and doing research in and around the Klamath river. This trip would have been nothing without her guiding us around. Enjoy the pictures.

In California:
-There are people who call themselves "raw-foodists" which means they wont eat anything that has been heated past 109 degrees. Dinner for them might be 20 bananas or a few heads of romaine lettuce. I'm not kidding.
-Marijuana is legal, for medical purposes. We saw a farm as we rafted down the trinity river.
-EVERYBODY eats well, everything is organic. You can get anything in bulk and its all amazing.
-Bigfoot exists.
-Hippie communes are real.
-Trees are 300 feet tall.
-Blackberries are an invasive species; they grow almost everywhere and they were in season during my visit, stopping to eat them added at least 30 minutes to every hike.
-The water is incredibly clean. Most of the rivers we swam in have almost no runoff. In other words, no houses, no roads, no farms that drain contaminants into them.

Its amazing.

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Karl said...

when you said that blackberries were in season, i thought you were making a crack about PDAs. how fucking corporate am i? nice pixxx.