Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Holland is really great. I cant help but telling everyone I know how much I appreciate it here (its become my mantra this summer)
I love the place I'm interning, its everything I expected out of this career and the lifestyle that is so integral. The crew is incredibly passionate, talented, successful, and so many other things. I'd go as far as to say that I am blessed to have come across such a place and such a group (yeah they're rubbing off on me).
Everyone I live with and encounter on a day-to-day basis is uncommonly friendly.


I miss being around creative people. Well, the abundance of creative people that CCS provides. I miss that crowd, all of that raw talent and passion. I miss being able to relate to somebody who is happy just moving a pen across paper or talking about the dumbest, most obscure idea, or just whining about all the work. Suffering breeds fellowship. I really hope that some day I can work with artists (illustrators, graphic designers, interior designers, ceramists...) who are driven by passion more than market demand. I love the fact that Industrial design is so rooted in reason and purpose, but I equally love the other half (or whatever the fraction is). Theres no sense of experimentation here, and I suppose their shouldn't be, we are working for other people and they need very specific things. The other designers are a little stale. Theres no spark in their eye, just very steady, skilled hands doing the work. I have much respect for them, you've got to pay the bills eventually.

Anyways, this was a rather dull weekend, I didnt socialize with anybody but a few girls who turned out to be art minors here at Hope college. One of them mentioned how much she likes throwing pottery, for a moment my ears perked and it sort of reminded me of what its like talking to kids back at CCS. By the time I responded, the conversation had shifted back to something about being a religion major.

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