Friday, October 17, 2008

Event: Creative Cities 2.0 Summit

This week I spent a few days at the Creative Cities 2.0 Summit down at the Renaissance Center, 6 of us were chosen to help Tom Wujac in documenting the speakers presentations. Before I go any farther: CCS2.0 is a gathering of urban developers, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, city planners, and anybody interested in developing more successful, creative cities. Lots of really really great speakers:

Richard Florida - Really interesting guy, big on creative innovation for business.(read: design thinking). awesome.
Bill Strickland - Incredible speaker, check it out if you havent heard his story
Dean Kamen- Yep, even the segway guy was there.
Tom Wujac - developer for Alias, Sketchbookpro and Portfoliowall. He helped develop the gesture interface on Autodesk programs. Need I say more?

That's where us humble CCS students come in. Tom is known for this thing called Visual Cartography, which essentially means that he goes to big meetings (at places like IDEO, Nike, GM, Apple) and confrences (he's been to TED 15 TIMES!) and visually documents whats going on. He takes a tablet PC and sort-of cartoons the important parts, helping people understand whats going on, and creating something to look back at to remember what exactly happened.

This video explains it in a way you might understand better:

more videos check out the BIGVIZ interactive.

We students served as Tom's minions, armed with Macbooks and Wacom tablets. One of us documented each of the breakout sessions. No big screen, no public humiliation, just sitting in the corner quietly trying to capture what the speakers presentation was about. People at the confrence seemed so warm to it, people would sit by me just to watch.
Tom has promised to upload a finished document of everyones work for us to show, but for now, here are some samples of my contributions:
(note: sketching on a wacom at speed is not easy)

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