Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Sketches

Tonight I came home from class at 10, sat down and didnt even take my shoes off until about 5 hours later. That usually means I'm geeked about something and will stay up, eyes glued to desk, until I get sick of it (or 4:00 AM hits).
Things are getting out of control: Portfolio Review next week, video conference with Nike tomorrow, and this mysterious Creative Cities Summit that I was invited to participate in but know almost nothing about. All I know is that I will be sketching, possibly on a large screen in front of a lot of people. eek.

More on that later.

Fun Stuff:
Working on a piece for my intro to woodworking class. Its a cafe table, 30x30x30 roughly. I have most of my lumber (EXPENSIVE) and the tabletop is curing as I type. When I'm finished I've agreed to give it to my brother in exchange for that bad-ass computer he built me last month.

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